Greg Paskal Oct 26, 1997 00:52
Welcome everyone to our adoption journal web site. We hope that you will enjoy reading and adding you our journal. We hope to add to this journal while we are in the Ukraine. This might be the best way to let all of you know how things are going and if we contact you by phone or E-Mail we would love for you to share those things here on this site so the rest of our family and friends can also get the news. As most of you know, we will be leaving for the Ukraine on November 3rd. Our flight will take us to Atlanta and then on the Vienna and finally to Kiev (Ukraine). The trip will take about 22 hours so please keep us in prayer that we get some rest on the plane and minimal jet lag.
Grandma Peggy (to-be) in California Oct 29, 1997 22:34  
I can hardly wait for my first meeting with my new grandchild (or children). Wished I could go with you and Cindy to the Ukraine. I love you both so much and know what great parents you will be. Well I'll write more later Love MomPaskal (Grandma Peggy in California)
Greg Paskal Oct 30, 1997 11:38  
Another sleepless night last night as we wait for our passports and visas to return from the Ukraine embassy in New York. We hope to have them in our hands by tomorrow (Friday). Today is my last day here at Vanderbilt for a while. Cindy's last day was yesterday. She said it was sad to leave work but was also excited because of the new season we are entering in our life. Please keep our visa issue in prayer and also that we can stay calm in the next few days before we leave. Thanks...Greg
Mom Paskal Oct 31, 1997 23:34  
Spoke to Greg this evening (Friday Oct 31,1997) Good news they got their Visas today from New York via Fed Ex. Greg was so happy he was afraid he might have to fly to Brooklyn for the weekend to pick them up. All is well!!!! MomPaskal (Grandma Peggy in California)
Deon Dickerson Nov 1, 1997 14:33
Hey you guys, Thinking of you. Good luck. I now you will make good parents. With all our love, Deon, Dale, & Jim
MomPaskal (Grandma Peggy in California) Nov 1, 1997 22:35  
Dear Greg and Cindy Thanks for all the last minute update. I liked the prayer request and loved the poem "Little One" thanks for sharing all your feelings and emotions. I can hardly wait for you to return to the USA. Love MomPaskal
Taj Wolff Nov 3, 1997 10:00  
Greg & Cindy, Thanks for the e-mail of prayer requests. You are in my prayers as you leave today. I know God will be with you on this very exciting journey. You're going to be great parents. Taj
Mondai Keene Nov 3, 1997 12:11  
Dear Greg and Cindy, This web page is such a great idea. It will be great for your baby(ies) to be able to read all these entries when she's (they) older. Chris and I here for you guys if you need anything at all. We'll make sure everything is taken care on our end. Ezekiel 34:26 "I will bless them and the places surrounding my hill. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing." Lord Jesus, bless this family!!!!!
Roger and Sheri Gold Nov 5, 1997 23:23
Cindy and Greg good luck on your LONG adventure, I sure hope things go as planned. that little girl is going to be so blessed to have two special parents as you two are. Well I know im getting excited, not only to finally have a niece, but to FINALLY buy little girls clothes, YEA!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway please take care, with all our love XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO! Zachary and Dakota both say hello and they love you! KEEP SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marcia Kearns Nov 7, 1997 15:37  
Hey Greg! I am so excited for you and your wife. From the little time I've known you, I think you are going to make a child a terrific father. By the way, I have not forgotten about your books. I will return them when you get back. Good luck!!!!! Sincerely, Marcia
MomPaskal Nov 8, 1997 11:01  
Received e-mail from Greg and Cindy this week they arrived safely and besides being very tired due to jet lag all is well. Greg tried to send e-mail to all with much difficulty. Cindy's sister Robin called me yesterday to let me know she had called and spoke to Greg and Cindy. They were doing well and are very comfortable with the family they are staying with in the Ukraine. I guess it is very cold there now, but they had been out for a walk. Nothing will be happening for about a week pertaining to the adoption. Well I'll update you when I learn more.
Aunt Kathy Nov 8, 1997 20:46  
Dear Greg & Cindy: This is my first entry in your Adoption Journal. I told you how excited we are for you and Cindy. The child/children who will get you for a mom and dad are so very, very lucky. We love you very much and are so excited for you. You are in our prayers. Tuesday night we had the family over in honor of being able to be with Uncle Bill & Aunt Bonnie, who were here for a couple of days. The family got together and spent an evening enjoying each others company. Before we had dinner we read your last E-Mail "Off we Go" . We all held hands in a circle (Greg's mom, Ted, Uncle Bill, Aunt Bonnie, Aunt Diane, Uncle Ken, Kandice, Robert, Brittany, Mason, Tiffiny, Bill and I. We prayed for you to have a successful trip and for God to watch over you. Uncle Ken lead the prayer and whoever wished to say an individual prayer for you took the opportunity to do so. It was a special prayer time for our family. I printed your E-Mail "Prayer Needs for the Paskal" and your poem "Little Ones" so I can refer to them each day. Love, Aunt Kathy
Mondai Keene Nov 11, 1997 17:35  
To all of Greg and Cindy's family and friends, Greg called today and left a voice-mail for me. He said that today was their first day to visit the orphanages. All the children were sick, had deformed limbs, cleft palettes, or other deficiencies. Tomorrow at 9am (Ukraine time 1am 11/12/97 Nashville time, 11pm 11/11/97 California time.) Greg and Cindy will be going to another orphanage. Greg specifically asked that we pray for a healthy girl. The orphanages have said that there are no healthy children, but Greg and Cindy know that prayer will change that. Also Greg is sick. He has a really bad cough. Please pray for good health for both of them also. They sound to be in good spirits, very optimist about the whole thing. Thanks for praying for them I know it means everything to them. In His Service, Mondai Keene
Grandma Peggy in California Nov 14, 1997 09:50  
Greg called last night about 9:30pm our time. He was sooooo excited they've found their little girl. She is 1 1/2 years old her, birth date is 2/22/96. Her name is Masha, which is Russian for Maria. He says she is blond with rosy cheeks. They would like to name her Hannah Mariya (Maria) Paskal. Greg and Cindy will be filing with the court today (Friday November 14, 1997) for the adoption. He said everything is looking good. He thinks their court date will be next week. She is in an orphanage about 100 miles from where they are staying. (I think he said it was 100 miles west of Kiev) Well thank you for all your prayers and continue to pray for them and that all goes according to his plan. Thanks MomPaskal. I received this e-mail from Cindy's mom this morning. They had called her too last evening with the good news. She writes as follows " Hello to all of you...I have just talked to Cindy and Greg and they hove found a little girl! She is 1 1/2 yrs old (will be 2 yrs February 22, l998) Her name is "Masha" (Maria). They have named her Hannah Mariya Paskal. She has blondish/brown hair and blue eyes. She is very petite (maybe 15-20 pounds) She is already walking, full of giggles and is "potty trained". Cindy and Greg will be filing with the court today (Friday, November 14,1997) for the adoption. Everything is looking good. We are so excited we can hardly stand it!!!!!! Just wanted to pass on the good news. This is Cindy's Mom. Bless all of you for your prayers."
Aunt Kathy Nov 14, 1997 10:46
Dear Greg & Cindy: Greg your mom called me this morning with the exciting news about Hannah Maria Paskal. Masha sounds like a very charming little girl. Your mom was so excited. I check my E-mail and got to hear more about her from your mom Cindy, Grandma Holley. Wednesday I was at CBS. This is a Christian Bible Study for women at Rolling Hills Covenant Church. You have been on the prayer chain there. I presented your last E-Mail to them about your first trip to the orphanage. I asked for prayers for you in your search to find a daughter. And now this. You have so many prayers with you! I'm so excited for the two of you. She sounds very happy and is petite like my daughter Tiffiny and granddaughter Brittany. Can hardly wait to here how things are progressing. Love and continue prayers, Aunt Kathy.
Danny Coons Nov 14, 1997 16:44  
Greg and Cindy, It is sure great to hear that you have found your little girl. Mondai has been speculating that she probably looks just like you guys. Please remember to come back to work as soon as you can. By the way you guys will make great parents.
Mondai Keene Nov 19, 1997 10:06  
This e-mail is from Cindy's mom. It's time to celebrate and praise Jesus for his blessing. Don't forget to continue to pray for traveling mercies. This will be the best Thanksgiving they've ever had. Mondai Keene - It is after 11:00 pm and I know you have already gone to bed. I wanted to send this and then call you in the morning. I just talked to the kids. They went to court yesterday (about 15 mins) and the judge said O.K. They went to pick up Hannah and went back to the couple they were staying with. She is theirs!!!! They had a few things to do today. Immigration, etc. They already have her passport. They are hoping to leave by the weekend! They are going straight to Tennessee. Cindy said she (Hannah) got to bed late last night, so she was very restless during the night. But she slept all night. I could hear her giggling in the back ground. The weather is very cold....a few flurries yesterday. I will be calling you in the morning. Just to make sure you got this message. Cindy said they would call as soon as they find out when they are leaving. Well, it all went well. I am so relieved. I'll talk to you in the morning. Martha
Meri Taylor Nov 20, 1997 10:02  
PRAISE GOD!! We are so happy for all three of you! I can't wait to see Hannah! We will be praying for your fast and safe return home! Cindy, do you think Hannah will like sushi? (KIDDING). I am so thankful to God for preparing the way to your daughter! We love you....Meri, Carl, Joey.
Taj Wolff Nov 21, 1997 09:31  
Greg & Cindy, I am so excited to hear about Hannah! I just can't wait to see her. May the Lord continue to bless you and your little girl as you travel home. Children are such a joy. I hope Hannah will bring the same joy into your lives as Zachary has brought into ours. Taj
Mondai Keene Nov 26, 1997 13:05  
11/21/97 Hello everyone, this is Cindy's Mom again. I talked to Cindy & Greg late last night. (Friday morning for them) Things are moving at a snails pace. It looks like they won't be heading home until sometime next week. So many things to do and they keep running into little snags. Hannah has had her physical & shots for the return trip and is doing fine. I think we have a little dancer on our hands! When she hears music she starts to "boogie". I will let you know when they are leaving. I know they are anxious to get home. Another couple arrived yesterday to start their adoption proceedings. The house is getting a little crowded. Keep those prayers coming! Love to all, Martha 11/26/97. - Hi everybody! This is Cindy's Mom again. I talked to Cindy last night. (Wednesday morning for them) Greg was off on another errand. Cindy was home being a Mom! "No, No, Hannah!" She was getting into everything while we were on the phone. (sound familiar?) I was able to get some tentative plans from Cindy. Looks like their regular arrival on the 2nd of December. They have an appointment at the American Embassy on Friday. This should be their final stop. They hope to leave on Saturday (by train) for Warsaw. They will be there until their flight on Tuesday. Here's hoping things go well and we will have them home soon. Cindy said the paper work has been unbelievable. Again, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Martha
Aunt/Great Aunt Kathy Nov 27, 1997 12:44
Dear Greg, Cindy & Hannah: You are in our thoughts and prayers this Thanksgiving Day. We are so thankful you found Hannah and even more thankful Hannah found you! We have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We will be really happy to hear when the three of you arrive in Brentwood, Tennessee. Love and kisses. Aunt/Great Aunt Kathy, Uncle/Great Uncle Bill & Cousin Tiffiny
Peggy Paskal (Greg's Mom) Nov 28, 1997 13:58  
Friday November 28 - Greg called yesterday on Thanksgiving at 5am our time. They think they will be home December 2nd if all goes well. On Friday they have to go to US Embassy to get Visa for Hannah. (Cindy's mom called this am to say that went well) They will leave by train for Warsaw Poland Saturday am and will arrive Sunday am. They will go to the Embassy in Warsaw on Monday and hope to fly home on December 2nd. They sounded good on the phone, but anxious to get home to family and friends. Well thanks for all the love and support you have given through all of this to my son and Cindy and their new family. Love MomPaskal (Grandma Peggy in California)
Mondai Keene Dec 1, 1997 09:39  
Greg and Cindy will be flying in at: The Nashville Airport Tuesday December 2nd 5:23pm Delta Airlines Flight# 1708. Delta flight information number: 1(800)221-1212 These are the numbers to push as the recording prompts you: 2 9 1 1708# 2 1 As far as I know this is a go, but please pray that they will be able to get the rest of Hannah's paper work (Visa, etc.) done before tomorrow. Saturday they left by train for Warsaw Poland and arrived on Sunday at 7am. Today (Monday) they go to the US Embassy in Warsaw. I'll try to e-mail and let you all know for sure if they will be on this flight so you can greet them at the airport if you like. Also if any of you would be interested in cooking a meal for our new family please contact me. I still have several days open. Thanks Mondai Keene H (615) 333-2471 W (615) 343-9896 e-mail
Mondai Keene Dec 2, 1997 09:53  
Our new family is on their way home. Thank You Jesus!!!!!! Please continue to pray for a safe, peaceful, and RESTFUL journey. And for those of you going to the airport lets be sensitive to our new family they will be exhausted and Hannah might be frightened or overwhelmed by all our overly excited faces. This is from Cindy's Mom. Guess who? Yep, Cindy's Mom again. Well, we are on the count down.....OOOH! We are all so excited! THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY HOME!!!! Again, I can't thank you enough for all your thoughts and prayers. We are hoping to see them sometime after Christmas. Wish I could be at the airport with all of you. Please, give them an extra hug for me! And, tell them "Mom's kitchen is always open" when they get here (since I can't contribute a meal for the homecoming). Boy, are we, crib, highchair, diapers, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and the best of all ....lots of LOVE! My love to all of you..what a support team!!!! Grandma Holley (Martha)
Chris and Joyce Russell Dec 2, 1997 10:27  
Hey Guys, We're so excited to see how God is blessing your family! I know you will both be great parents! We've been reading all your updates, and we've prayed for you often. I know this has to be a huge step, and it will be great when you can get back into a normal life here in the states. Joyce and I wanted to meet you guys at the airport when you returned, but it just hasn't worked out. Be sure that we are thinking about you and praying for you, though! We can't wait to see little Hannah! Through Him, Chris and Joyce Russell
Deon Dickerson Dec 2, 1997 16:50  
Im so glad you Cindy & the baby are coming home. I feel like I have been on the trip with you all, but for sure you have been in our hearts. See you soon, Deon WELCOME HOME
Peggy Paskal Dec 2, 1997 23:03  
You have just called to tell me you are all home safe. I'm soooooooo EXCITED!!!!!! I can hardly wait to meet my new granddaughter. Greg and Cindy I hope you all get rested up soon. Please, Please e-mail me a picture soon with you and little Hannah OK. I'm relieved to have you all home safe in the USA again. Take care I love you, MomPaskal
Mondai Keene Dec 3, 1997 14:36  
Hello Everyone, Well as most of you know the Paskal's are home safe and sound. Their plane arrived a few minutes early. There were about 30 people and a ton of little kids at the airport to greet them. They were one of the last people to get off the plane, so needless to say we all got a little nervous. "Are you sure they are on this flight?" But then there was Cindy with Hannah in her arms, and Greg right behind them. Hannah had a little ponytail that was bobbing as Cindy walked. Hannah isn't a bit shy, she immediately got down and started playing with the toys that people had brought and she liked playing with the other little kids. She would go to anyone who would pick her up. She loves to be tossed up in the air and loves to be twirled. Greg and Cindy said she loves to dance and has good rhythm. One thing Greg said about Hannah when they first met was she was really "passive", then the got her home and they found out her really personality, The Tasmanian Devil. She is so full of energy!!!!! She doesn't sit still for a moment. She reminds me of a "Bumble Ball". One of the silly things she does is pick up little piece of lint or imaginary object off the ground and give them to someone who looks to be in charge. Greg and Cindy brought Hannah by the Computer Store just a few minutes ago to meet all of Greg's coworkers. She enjoyed running around and exploring and playing with everyone. Cindy said she slept all through the night and didn't wake up until 6 am. The parents on the other hand were up at 3am because of the time change. Needless to say they are VERY happy to be home. They are VERY appreciative of everyone's prayers. They said they could feel people prayers when they were there, especially when tough situations developed they knew we were all praying for the strongholds to be broken. I almost forgot, Hannah is very beautiful!!!!! The more I see her the prettier she gets. She has a cute little round face, a ton of blondish brown hair, and a silly little smile. She just makes me laugh too. She has a magnetic personality. You just have to hold her!!!!! She does look so much like Greg and Cindy. It's so funny that she not their biological child but she looks like she could be. She even has similar personality characteristics. She definitely KNOWS her who parents are. They said within a day she started calling them Mama and Dada. Even the people they stayed with in the Ukraine could tell that Hannah knows who her parents are. Lord Jesus thank you for blessing this family and having your hand on them!!!! In His Service Mondai Keene :) <
Sheri Gold Dec 4, 1997 01:15
Cindy and Greg, congratulations on your SUCCESSFUL journey. I sure wish there was a way that our families could be there for you in your time of happiness, but you know in your heart we are there. I sure hope that the box full of goodies will come in handy, even though I insisted to buy the bigger sizes in clothes. More than likely all the 24 months, were my idea, because with 2 kids I know the bigger the better, anyway ENJOY!!!! Please give each other great big hugs from me, and give my niece the biggest hug from both, but relay that the biggest hug is from her auntie Sheri. With all my love..................Sheri P.S. Greg try to download a picture, so I can print it out to show my mom. her computer is yuk! Thank you!!!!!
Greg Paskal Dec 4, 1997 10:08
Dear family and friends, we are home!!! We are so happy to be back and even happier to have our new daughter Hannah home with us. Praise God for His faithfulness to all your prayers. Today is Thursday and we have been home for 2 days now. I just had time to finally sit down and add a note to the journal. I was so blessed to read all of your comments. Cindy is reading the journal now as I am typing this note. We are getting our body clocks back in sync with Tennessee time. Last night if you can believe it, Hannah slept 8 hour just after having a 3 hour nap. Right now she is in the background running around playing with all of her new toys. She seems to be so happy to be here with us. Last night I had no problems getting her to sleep, kind of... She was given this "Tickle Me Cookie Monster" toy that says "ha, ha, ha - ha, ha, ha, Oh boy, Oh boy" when you press his tummy. Well after putting her down to sleep I was so amazed that she fell right to sleep that I decided to put a few toys in the crib with her so she had something to play with when she woke up in the morning. I tiptoed back to our bedroom and closed the door. As I started to go to sleep I could her the peacefulness of her breathing over the baby monitor. Isn't life great (sounds like and episode from the "Wonder Years"). I told Cindy how amazed I was that she fell asleep so quickly and about the toys I put in the crib so she had something to play with in the morning. Cindy was concerned that I put Cookie Monster in with her but I told her it would be "OK". Moments latter blasting over the baby monitor comes "ha, ha, ha - ha, ha, ha, Oh boy, Oh boy" and then the most blood curdling cry you have ever heard. Baby wasn't happy, Momma wasn't happy and all I could do was say "I think you were right about Cookie Monster". Oh well another day, another lesson learned. Today Hannah has her first doctors appointment. She has a rash that needs looking at and probably her vision (lazy eye) problem needs some attention as well. We will keep you posted. Thanks to all of you again for your caring and prayers and Praise to our God who is all powerful and loving. In His Service - Greg & Cindy Paskal
Roberta Reifschneider Dec 9, 1997 04:07  
It was great to see you all at the airport...congratulations!!
Grandma Peggy in California Dec 9, 1997 13:11  
Dear Greg and Cindy and little Hannah I love the Adoption Photo Gallery!! Thanks for doing everything possible to make us feel close to all of you and well informed through all these recent events leading up to and through the adoption of little Hannah, My beautiful little Granddaughter. It's hard being a long-distance grandparent, but all the e-mail and photos help me to feel bonded with all of you and your little one. I love you all soooooooooo much and look forward to the day( some time soon) we can meet face to face little Hannah and me. LoveMomPaskal
Aunt Kathy, Uncle Bill Dec 9, 1997 22:41  
We just finish reading your Photo Journal of your search and first meeting with Hannah. I got so misty eye and emotional from reading the journal that Bill had to finished reading it for me. It was a wonderful story of your search for your daughter Hannah and helps us understand what you must have gone through. I want to thank you for sharing those special times with us. I can hardly wait until I can give Hannah and her parents a hug. She will bring such joy to your life!! We love you. Aunt Kathy, Uncle Bill and cousin Tiffiny
David A. Paskal Dec 10, 1997 23:37  
Praise the Lord! He is worthy to be praised. Dear Greg, Cindy and little Hannah! It is such a blessing to know that the Lord He is very God. I want you to know that you are in my prayers and that I love you all soooo very much. Our Lord makes all things happen in His time. Enjoy being a family and know that you are loved and lifted up to our mighty Lord Jesus. God bless you and your Precious daughter. Hope to see you all one day soon. Your Brother and uncle David.
Carol Bryson Dec 11, 1997 23:48  
Dear Hannah, Welcome to America. You are so precious and what a blessing you will be to your parents and them to you. Someday you will understand how wonderful all of this has been and how truly special you are. God had a wonderful plan for you and your Mommy and Daddy. I have an adopted daughter named Maria also and she came from Russia as well. Her name too was Masha. I pray for you and your new family and am so glad you are here!
Paul, Lauralynn and Brandilee Pearson Dec 23, 1997 13:37
Oh you guys!!! We are so happy for you! What a wonderful adventure you have embarked on. Hopefully someday we can come out to meet Hannah. Praise Him for all His good works! Love, The Pearson Clan :^D
Auntie Robin Holley Jan 30, 1998 19:39  
Oh my, look out Hannah.... here comes Auntie Robin... Now that I have my new computer, I can write in your journal...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, LITTLE ONE....I love you soooo much..I can't wait to see you on your birthday...Grandma Holley and I are coming to visit you...Yippy...Be good and know that you are loved more than you'll ever know....Congratulations Cindy and Greg!!! She's a lucky little one...
Greg Paskal Feb 25, 1998 22:51
Hannah is doing great adjusting to having a new mommy and daddy. This last weekend she had her second birthday. Since it was the first birthday she spent with us it was an extra special moment. She loved all the attention and got all sorts of gifts. Her favorite part by far is tearing the paper. We have just moved in the last few weeks to a bigger apartment located in Nashville. What a difference to go from a one bedroom to three bedroom place. We are happy that Hannah now has her own room. It is such a kids room with lots of sunshine and plenty of toys. She is really expanding her speech but her favorite word is still Da Da. Who am I to complain, I love it! Hannah has been going through all sorts of testing as per her doctors request. He wants to make sure that she is healthy. So far we have had a Cat scan done, Blood work to the hilt, hearing test and eye exams. All came back with flying colors with the exception of her vision. The doctor says she is a bit near sighted and also has a lazy right eye. We are treating her eye problem by patching the good eye (left) for three hours every day for the next 3 months. Believe it or not she will usually keep the patch on for the entire time. We have already noticed an improvement in her weak eye. Cindy and I just fall in love with her more every day. She is now attending day care two days a week while Cindy works. She loves to go and be with her new friends. Hannah can be magnetic when it comes to people and the day care is no exception. Everyone there just gets a kick out of her. What a blessing God has brought to our house through her. Will keep you informed with new events soon...Greg
LISA CLIFFORD Sep 26, 1998 20:30
I have looked all over for your news! Congratulations Greg and Cindy. Good catch, Hannah!
Greg Paskal Mar 4, 2000 14:09
A little update on the Hannah girl. She just had her 4th birthday. She is growing and learning so much. We now live in Texas were she goes to the preschool at the YWAM missionary school. Many of you have been asking about Hannah's eyes. We have been patching her eyes for over two years now. She is seeing an eye doctor every few months and it looks as if she will probably need another surgery on her eyes. Please keep this in prayer. - Greg
Greg Paskal Dec 22, 2002 14:09
Wow has time gone by! It's amazing to realize five years has passed since we brought our little Hannah girl home. We are currently living in Plano Texas where Hannah is attending K5 kindergarten. Over the course of the past year we were blessed to find out that Hannah would not need the third eye surgery as the patching and two previous eye surgeries had corrected her strabismus very well. This past November 18th we celebrated Hannah's 5th Gotcha day (this is a celebration of the day we became a family). Hannah sure is growing and has tons of personality to go with it. She and her mom are such the shopper girls, and both never seem to have enough shoes. I just love being Hannah's Daddy, and we spend a lot of time doing Daddy sort of things like hiking, walking, exploring and of course tickling. I have never seen a person like to be tickled more than Hannah. As I read this journal tonight I realized how blessed we are to have so many supportive friends and family. It's both Cindy and My hope to adopt another child soon. We are seeking God's timing on this next adoption and would love to go back to the Ukraine or wherever the Lord may lead us. We are also finding this to be a season of sharing in our lives. God has placed us in contact with many families that are considering adoptions and we feel honored that we can share our story through this website and through our personal experience. If you are interested in adoption and have any questions, please feel free to contact Cindy or Myself by email or phone. You can find this information in the "Contact Us" section of this website or on the links on this page. Until next time! - Greg