Cindy's Space

Cindy and I were married on April 29, 1989. We have been on many adventures together including our mission trip throughout Europe and Asia. Leading our drama ministry (All the World's a Stage) for nine years throughout California and Tennessee. Many moves throughout California, Tennessee, Texas and Lord knows what's next. Our international adoption of our wonderful daughter Hannah and I am sure there are many more adventures to come.

I thought it would be nice to share some pictures and thoughts about my wonderful wife and give you a glimpse of the love of my life.


This is a perfect picture to start out with. Cindy is the total disco queen. She grew up roller skating at the Shamrock skating rink in Torrance, California. We like to go skating as a family event where ever we live. Cindy can seriously boogie down with the best of them.


This is a lake by our home in Plano Texas called Bob Woodruff. We enjoy skating, riding bikes and feeding the ducks.  
  For those of you who do not know this, Cindy has been a hair dresser for many years. In this picture, she has just added some highlights and cut a bit here and there. She had me take these pictures to send to her sister but I love them too because she is such a "foxy babe".

Cindy can be quite an adventurer and she is very competitive. In Feb. 2002 we took a trip up to Yosemite and went snow boarding. Yes, this picture shows Cindy shredding up the bunny slopes. Both of us were so sore after this day as most of the snow was really ice and very hard to control where you were going.

As I stated before, Cindy is competitive. I can remember one time playing ping pong with her while we were out on the road doing some ministry in Michigan. Cindy beat me time and time again until I couldn't take it any more and I finally conceded defeat.

Cindy is also an avid Lakers fan. I often hear Cindy and Hannah doing the "Go Lakers - Go Lakers" chant while I'm here working on some web site.

I sure love the way God has created my wife as we have varying and similar interest.


Cindy loves to surf the web and look for all sorts of stuff. Now she even has our dog (Peanut) looking over her shoulder (looks like dog bones are on sale at Target).

Cindy is also the "Instant Message" queen and can be found regularly talking with in laws in California and New York at the same time on AOL.

Cindy really loves our dog "Peanut". Peanut in return loves to get hair on Cindy usually just as she needs to step out and do something.

Cindy seems to speak Peanut's language which usually includes strange gurgling's and other canine like sounds.


You'd think Peanut was a baby by the way Cindy treats him. Peanut seems to eat it up and not mind a bit.

Cindy has a very compassionate heart and a gift to discern when someone simply needs a friend to talk to. You will often find Cindy having a coffee with one of her friends. I love this about my wife and see this as a ministry of her's, to be a true friends to those she meets.  

Cindy has a way with children. Cindy regularly works with our daughter Hannah in her school work helping her learn new things from school.

Cindy loves to snuggle as you can see from this picture with Hannah and Dasha Grace. Cindy does not mind traveling far to visit good friends and I would imagine this will be the way it is for the rest of our lives.

Cindy can be very funny. She regularly cracks me up and Hannah is learning quickly from her mom to be the same.

Only in Texas would you find a park that has wild bull statues coming out of a wall. This photo opportunity was to good to pass up.


Cindy is creative and a hard worker. After we lived in our house in Plano for a while, Cindy decided she wanted to redo the bathroom. She somehow included Peanut in the process of removing the old wall paper.

Cindy's creative side can be seen in her hair dressing and love for ballet. She is very creative in the dramatic arts as well. I just love this about Cindy as she has an eye for how things should look.

I hoped you enjoyed my thoughts about Cindy. I sure love being her husband. God truly blessed my life when she entered it!