Recent News
Moving to Plano (Dallas), Texas - 6/28/2002
I know what you must be thinking, "These guys' sure get around." Here's the story. Six months into my new job with Kinko's the world was shocked by the events that took place on September 11, 2001. The terrorist attacks on the United States pushed many companies over the top and like so many of those companies, Kinko's went through a major downsizing. I was given a notice of layoff just a few weeks later which certainly was not good news. Fortunately for our family, Kinko's decided to rehire me just one week before my official layoff date. Early in 2002, there was rumblings that Kinko's would relocate their corporate offices to Dallas, Texas and as you could guess it, I was asked to relocate to Texas. I must admit we were getting pretty good at this moving thing by now and I started to refer to our family as the "Nomadic" family. We personally own more plastic moving tubs than should be allowed. Anyway the blessing through this whole thing was that Kinko's would pay our moving expenses and in addition they would also pay for the closing cost on a home if we chose to buy one. Well, this certainly is not the type of opportunity to presents itself everyday so after getting the OK from the Lord on the whole thing we made the move and purchased our first home in Plano Texas which is just north of Dallas.
Moving to Ventura, California - 3/1/2001
In March of 2001 I accepted a job with Kinko's corporate offices in Ventura California. As most of you know, we had been working with YWAM for the past year and a half. I completed my school of writing with YWAM and then went on to helping YWAM Woodcrest build two buildings. The first was our initial offices and the second was a much larger multipurpose building that included more office space, Women and Men dorms, two large meeting/class rooms and a nice reception area. After the buildings were complete I had the opportunity to design and install the computer network, the video network and the phone system and wiring. This was a huge job and would not have been possible without the help of Jeff Rogers who now maintains the system. During the end of 2000, Cindy and sensed that our time with YWAM Woodcrest may be coming to an end and we started to pray the God would lead us to His next assignment. Early in 2001, I got a call from a good friend who asked if I would be interested in the Quality Assurance engineering position with Kinko's corporate offices. I went on an interview in January and accepted the offer in early February.
Moving - 5/1/00
We will be moving into this house as of May, 2000. We sure are going to miss our previous neighbors. The move was necessary to get us much closer to the YWAM base. Instead of an hour drive each way, our new location is about 10 minutes each way. This house is located in Lindale Texas. A small town with about 3000 people. It has one main crossroad and one supermarket. This will be the smallest town we have ever lived in. This old house dates back to the 1920. It was first owned by a school teacher and then the current owners bought it and lived there for 15 years. Cindy is excited about the move since it will allow us to be closer to some of our new friends. Also one of her scrapbooking buddies lives around the corner. It will also be nice to see our stuff that has been in storage for the last year. The big move in date is May 1, 2000.
Hannah's Eye update - 4/9/00
Many of you have been asking about Hannah's eye situation. Since her last surgery, we have noticed quite an improvement with the cross eyed problem. That was over a year ago and we have been blessed to find a new eye doctor here in Texas who works specifically with kids. Dr. Hunter has had us cycle patch both Hannah's eyes to try to get the weaker eye (her right) to start working as much as the left. He has also wanted to do corrective surgery on her eyes for the last few months. This would help straighten her eyes out even more. We know that many of you have been praying for Hannah and particularly regarding her eye problems. We are very grateful and would ask you to keep her in prayer regarding this. She is now scheduled for surgery on May 5th. We are currently waiting to hear if the insurance company will cover this surgery. We will keep you posted.